The Road is Your Playground.

In the SUBARU BRZ, driving is far more than a means of transportation—it’s a passion.

Personalise Your Ride.

Whilst every SUBARU BRZ comes generously equipped, Subaru accessories are the perfect way to tailor your Subaru to your life...

<sg-lang1>Side Fin Blade</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Side Fin Blade

<sg-lang1>Fuel Lid Garnish</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Fuel Lid Garnish

<sg-lang1>Cigarette Lighter</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Cigarette Lighter