The Road is Your Playground.

In the SUBARU BRZ, driving is far more than a means of transportation—it’s a passion.

Always Stay Connected.

The excitement of performance can sometimes overshadow the details of safety, but we have given the SUBARU BRZ an extensive protection system to show...

<sg-lang1>Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame

The SUBARU BRZ offers intense control and just as intense protection. Its frame design strengthens the passenger cabin from the roof to the doors, pillars, and floor. This design, bolstered by generous...
<sg-lang1>Lightweight Body</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Lightweight Body

Simplicity in design and extensive use of hightensile steel has helped reduce weight while making the chassis more rigid and precise. What’s more, an aluminium bonnet further lightens the...
<sg-lang1>Vehicle Stability Control</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Vehicle Stability Control

This advanced electronic system monitors an array of sensors—including braking, steering, and yaw sensors—to help keep you from losing control as you push the SUBARU BRZ to its limits.
<sg-lang1>Hill Start Assist</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Hill Start Assist

For safer urban driving, the Hill Start Assist system keeps the brakes applied for one to two seconds after the brake pedal is released on a slope. This prevents vehicle rollback, making it easier to take off...
<sg-lang1>TRACK Mode</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>


TRACK mode gives the driver more options for a wider range of control with four available modes from normal to sporty driving. Drivers have the option to turn off Vehicle Stability Control, allowing...
<sg-lang1>Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)* Airbags</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)* Airbags

Heightened control and visibility are elemental to the SUBARU BRZ. However, you’ll also have the confidence of knowing that, should...
<sg-lang1>High Visibility</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

High Visibility

A car that’s a thrill to drive should also inspire confidence. Clever interior design gives you exceptional views from all angles—helping you have a greater command of your surroundings.

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* Effective when used in conjunction with seatbelts.