The Road is Your Playground.

In the SUBARU BRZ, driving is far more than a means of transportation—it’s a passion.


Petrol engine, 6-speed MT

  • Max. speed (km/h)226 (6MT)
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.)7.6 (6MT)
  • Fuel consumption, combined (lit./100 km)*18.6 (6MT)
  • CO2 emissions, combined (g/km)*1196 (6MT)
  • Engine typePetrol, DOHC 16-valve
*1 Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: According to EC 715/2007 - 2017/1347AG.
*2 Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.


<sg-lang1>LED Headlamps</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

LED Headlamps

The SUBARU BRZ’s iconic headlamps are powered by full LEDs for improved visibility and give the car a more commanding presence on the road.
<sg-lang1>17-inch Aluminium-alloy Wheels</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

17-inch Aluminium-alloy Wheels

These 17-inch aluminium-alloy wheels come with a 10-spoke design for a more sophisticated and sportier look, hinting at the SUBARU BRZ’s handling performance.
<sg-lang1>Fender Garnishing</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Fender Garnishing

The fender garnishing has been updated to a sportier, more flowing but calmer look. The new double fin design also helps straighten airflow.
<sg-lang1>Rear Combination Lamps</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Rear Combination Lamps

The stylish clear and red rear combination lamps, powered solely by LEDs, give the SUBARU BRZ’s rear view a wide and sporty look.
<sg-lang1>LED Front Fog Lamps</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

LED Front Fog Lamps

These LED fog lamps have inner reflective surfaces that were adjusted for enhanced visibility and improved safety during nighttime driving.
<sg-lang1>Twin Tail Mufflers</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Twin Tail Mufflers

These enlarged tail mufflers hint at the sporty performance within.
<sg-lang1>Paddle Shifters</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Paddle Shifters

Standard with automatic transmission models, they allow you to execute crisp shifts with your fingertips.
<sg-lang1>Keyless Access with Push-button Start</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Keyless Access with Push-button Start

Start your SUBARU BRZ without removing your key from your pocket or purse.
<sg-lang1>Dual-zone Automatic Air-conditioning</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Dual-zone Automatic Air-conditioning

This advanced climate control system allows the passenger and driver to set different temperatures depending on their personal preference.
<sg-lang1>USB Ports</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

USB Ports

Two USB ports are available so you can play your music through the car’s audio system with just about any portable music player.
<sg-lang1>Stop Watch Display</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Stop Watch Display

Keep track of your driving performance with the stop watch.
<sg-lang1>Engine Data Display</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Engine Data Display

This displays the vehicle’s engine performance curves, including torque and power curves. *1
<sg-lang1>G-monitor Display</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

G-monitor Display

This exclusive SUBARU BRZ screen shows a G-ball with peak hold, a steering angle gauge, braking force, and throttle angle.
<sg-lang1>Temperature Gauge Display</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Temperature Gauge Display

These gauges display engine coolant temperature, oil temperature, and voltage.
<sg-lang1>Trip Computer Display</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Trip Computer Display

This display allows you to monitor your average speed, trip time, and trip distance.
<sg-lang1>SUBARU STARLINK<sup>*2</sup></sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>


The SUBARU STARLINK*2 system grants safe access to internet radio, apps and more via the touchscreen or voice commands.
<sg-lang1>Folding Rear Seats</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Folding Rear Seats

You wouldn’t expect this much utility from a pure sports car,but with the rear seats folded, there’s enough room for a set of racing tyres or two golf bags.
<sg-lang1>Leather / Alcantara®<sup>*3</sup> Trim</sg-lang1><sg-lang2></sg-lang2><sg-lang3></sg-lang3>

Leather / Alcantara®*3 Trim

Available with premium leather trim and grippy Alcantara®*3 inserts, performance-design front seats help you keep your position while cornering. Now embroidered with the BRZ logo, they also...

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*1 Torque and power curves are not actual measurements and are based on preset values.

*2 Driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving. Please refrain from operating the touchscreen while driving. Package communications fee may be charged depending on your area.

*3 Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.




Petrol engine, 6-speed MT

  • Max. speed (km/h)226 (6MT)
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.)7.6 (6MT)
  • Fuel consumption, combined (lit./100 km)*8.6 (6MT)
  • CO2 emissions, combined (g/km)*196 (6MT)
  • Engine typePetrol, DOHC 16-valve
* Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: According to EC 715/2007 - 2017/1347AG.


Rear-Wheel Drive, 6MT

  • Engine typeHorizontally opposed, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, petrol engine, DOHC 16-valve
  • Bore/Stroke (mm)86/86
  • Capacity (cc)1,998
  • Compression ratio12.5
  • Fuel systemDirect and port fuel injection
  • Fuel tank capacity (lit.)50


Rear-Wheel Drive, 6MT

  • Max. output (kW(PS)) (DIN/rpm)200 (147) / 7,000
  • Max. torque (DIN) (Nm(kgfm)/rpm)205 (20.9) / 6,400 - 6,600
  • Max. speed (km/h)226
  • Acceleration (0-100 km/h) (sec.)7.6
  • [WLTP] Fuel consumption*1 : Low (lit./100km)12.7
  • [WLTP] Fuel consumption*1 : Medium (lit./100km)8.1
  • [WLTP] Fuel consumption*1 : High (lit./100km)7.2
  • [WLTP] Fuel consumption*1 : Extra-High (lit./100km)8.2
  • [WLTP] Fuel consumption*1 : Combined (lit./100 km)8.5
  • [WLTP] CO2 emissions*1 : Low (g/km)286
  • [WLTP] CO2 emissions*1 : Medium (g/km)183
  • [WLTP] CO2 emissions*1 : High (g/km)162
  • [WLTP] CO2 emissions*1 : Extra-High (g/km)185
  • [WLTP] CO2 emissions*1 : Combined (g/km)191

* Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: according to EC 715/2007 - 2017/1347AG.


Rear-Wheel Drive, 6MT

  • Overall length (mm)4,240
  • Overall width (mm)1,775
  • Overall height (mm)1,325
  • Wheelbase (mm)2,570
  • Track : Front (mm)1,520
  • Track : Rear (mm)1,540
  • Minimum road clearance (at kerb weight) (mm)120
  • Trunk volume* (lit.)243
  • Seating capacity (persons)4
  • Kerb weight (kg)1,243

* Measured by VDA.


Rear-Wheel Drive, 6MT

  • Gear ratio : 1st3.626
  • Gear ratio : 2nd2.188
  • Gear ratio : 3rd1.541
  • Gear ratio : 4th1.213
  • Gear ratio : 5th1.000
  • Gear ratio : 6th0.767
  • Gear ratio : Reverse3.437
  • Final drive axle ratio4.100


Rear-Wheel Drive, 6MT

  • SteeringRack and pinion, electric power steering system
  • Suspension (4-wheel independent) : FrontMacPherson strut type
  • Suspension (4-wheel independent) : RearDouble wishbone type
  • Minimum turning circle at tyre (radius) (m)5.4
  • Brakes : Front16" Ventilated disc brakes
  • Brakes : Rear15" Ventilated disc brakes
  • Tyre / Wheel size215/45R17, 17 x 7"J

Vehicle kerb weight varies according to the types of optional equipment included. Specification data and model lineup may vary according to market.